Zrno congratulates to all the authors who sent their works to our open call.
Here are the result of the work of our jury.
Let’s follow the sun!


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Natalia Kopkina is a photographer living in Helsinki. She is a co-founder and executive director of the Finnish Darkroom Association and artistic director of the Helsinki Darkroom Festival. Kopkina graduated with an MA in Photography from Aalto University in 2015.


holds a master’s degree from the Academy of Film and Television (FAMU) in Prague – Department of Photography. Currently is studying for a doctorate in the field of fine arts at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. From 2001 to 2015, she worked as an editor in the magazine for the culture of photography – ReFoto (Belgrade). As a full professor, teaches photography at the Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad and at the Academy of Arts, Alpha University Belgrade. She was the artistic director of the Artget Gallery, Cultural Center of Belgrade for the 2016 season. Regularly lectures on the estethics of photography and is a participant in numerous panel discussions at festivals, workshops and congresses dedicated to photography and visual arts.

Ivana has published over three hundred articles in Refoto magazine, exhibition catalogs, books, magazines, newspapers… Has judged numerous exhibitions in the country and abroad. Her photographic work is mostly dedicated to subjective research work in the field of documentary photography and staging, and she is especially interested in the possibilities of installing artwork in space.


Pioneer of alternative photography in Macedonia. Representative of ZRNO in the jury. Finds pleasure in various analogue approaches in photography. Feels at home in wet plate collodion and cyanotype. One of the founders and board member of MakeDox-creative documentary film festival. Initiator and co-founder of Zrno. Had around a dozen solo exhibited photography projects. Photography teacher.


Works as a musician, curator and artist since 1996. Trained theologian and blacksmith. Founder and Curator of Jeweler and Watchmaker Museum. Timisoara’s first private museum

Founder and Art Director- Analog Mania Festival since 2013. Analogic Art Director a project part of “Timisoara, European Capital of Culture 2023” cultural project. Holds regular concerts and exhibitions. Lives and creates in Austria since 2015


is based in Oslo, Norway. After finishing studies in professional photography he has developed his own artistic career alongside commercial assignments for a variety of clients like magazines, organizations and commissioned art projects. He has exhibited with international festivals and galleries in Copenhagen, Berlin, London and New York and his work is in the collections of the National Museum of photography in Norway.

Weston likes to focus on process based and philosophical photography. Wanting to connect the final image with a physical subject he uses cameraless techniques to make his pictures become proof of a truth unseen by human eyes. He aims to encourage the viewer to reflect on what they expect to see and understand in a photograph, compared to what is actually there.

Always keeping at least a couple of larger long term projects running he also likes to make smaller test series and playful exhibition ideas come to life. This year he will publish his first photobook with a long term collaborative film swap project and exhibit new lumen prints and photogram images made during a winter artist residencies at an island in the north of Norway.

At home in Oslo he runs the CYAN studio space with a photo gallery and a community darkroom, creating a workspace for people interested in analog photography. He initiated the founding of the Nordic Analog Network of darkrooms and artist residencies and is currently on the lookout for other community darkrooms to collaborate with.


born in Belgrade in 2003. She graduated at the School of Design in Serbia with excellent grades. Her interest in photography turned into a serious hobby through 2018, when she attended a few digital and analogue photography courses. All throughout middle school and high school Emilija participated in various workshops and competitions, as well as group exhibitions and was awarded. She attended Zrno 2022 and in 2023 she became a team member of Zrno. Currently she is attending Academy Of Art in Novi Sad, Serbia and studying photography.


Bruna Valença is a 31-year-old photographer and visual artist based in Brazil. Her production is focused on self-portraits based on studies about the body and her psyche, relating the transience of her mental states with Hybrid Photography, where the loss of control and the freedom to make mistakes become tools in her process.


Since 2000, Dino has been working in the field of cultural and artistic management in Vienna. Founder and initiator of numerous projects, associations and artistic initiatives. Since 2016, he founded and leads the association ZIGUTAMVE. Association for Contemporary Photography. At the beginning of 2018, he takes over the coordination and management of the Photon gallery for Vienna and represents it at international fairs of contemporary photography. From 2021, he is the founder and director of the first analog photo festival in Austria (since the beginning of the digital era) under the name ROTLICHT. Festival for analog photography, Rotlicht is part of the international Analog Photography Festival Network (APFN).His focus is on conceptual photography, the presentation of artists represented by the Photon gallery, as well as curatorial work.