About Zrno

ZRNO is an international festival of alternative photography. By alternative photography we understand all the beautiful and often forgotten processes of the old days of photography yet we do not look away from any modern experimental approach. We feel that our local photographic environment is stuck in some limbo, so we decided to stir things a little by promoting the idea of diversity in the photographic approach and to offer photography students, professionals, enthusiasts and photo lovers with or without experience, the beautiful countless faces of photography. We believe that we can plant the GRAIN, and we are open to everybody for cooperation, learning and GROWing TOGHETHER.

Zrno ( Зрно ) in Macedonian language means grain ( hence the web page ). Grain, like photo grain that is so beautiful in all the alternative photo processes, and grain like a seed, since we want to plant the seed of alternative view on photography, on the world around us… to offer one joyful alternative view on the world, view that enjoys the sun, which we all are so dependent on. To capture the grain of his surface, into our memories, reflecting our thoughts and emotions… To praise the SUN.

What follows is short info about the team who made this possible, with a lot of enthusiasm and many hours full of doubts and genuine insecure feeling. We don’t want to mask that. We believe that all good things that happen are embroidered with doubts and second thoughts, thinking and rethinking…hesitating.
We are many different faces but we merged our energies and sent our egos to a unpaid vacation, to make our passion – to experiment with photography – possible. Here we stand before the world, almost naked. Join us, if you are of our kind.

Zrno was founded by: 


Keti TalevskaBakrevska Co-founder of cyanogifts brand. Videographer and photographer. First Macedonian author that presented herself with lumen prints. She likes playing in classic darkroom, with pinholes and solarography.
Martina Peneva, 24 years old, currently a master’s student at the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje. She is also a photographer since 2016.

Viktorija Machkovska, 23 years old Archeologist. An enthusiast photographer, both digital and alternative, since, while ago she keenly jumped into the big cyanotype blue and had made some wet collodion plates. Co-founder of cyanogifts brand.
Loves outdoor activities and cold brew, takes care of 12 paws. No longer a member of Zrno. 

Sasho Alushevski is a life skill teacher who takes pictures. Teaches photography and creativity. First Macedonian wet plate photographer. He is in love with the black art-the wet plate collodion, yet he has experience with many other analog/alternative processes. He makes cyanotypes, classic black and whites, pinholes, salt and albumen prints. Part of the MakeDox documentary film festival co-founding crew. Co-founder of cyanogifts brand. He enjoys sharing skill environments.
Jelena Belikj is an architect that works in design and 3d visualization. She loves drawing and hates numbers. A visual storyteller. Lately interested in analog photography. Part of the silk printing laboratory – Partizan print
Martina Pavloska is the first Macedonian model that walked on the runways of fashion shows around the world. She worked with famous photographers in front of the camera and now is enjoying being behind the camera herself. Her passion is polaroid and anime. Currently living and working in Milan. Our social media ninja!
Vlado Dimoski – the best support for Macedonian artists for decades. When you have a problem with mounting, framing, conceptualizing, transport or packing, any doubt, you go to him. He was member of the support team for the first Macedonian presentation at the Venice biennale. And he is too modest to say this, yet, since he does not know how to edit web pages, we wrote this in his name.

Reinforcements since 2023!



Emilija Sandić – born in Belgrade, 2003. She graduated the School of Design in Serbia with excellent grades. Her interest in photography turned into a serious hobby through 2018, when she attended a few digital and analogue photography courses. All throughout middle school and high school Emilija participated in various workshops and competitions, from which she received rewards, and group exhibitions. Currently Emilija’s attending Academy Of Art in Novi Sad – photography department.


Srefan Stefanovski – born  in Zrenjanin, 1994 where he finished high, enrolled in a high technical school of vocational studies, where he also specialized. He moved to Novi Sad and actively engaged in commercial photography. 2021, majoring in photography at the Art academy. Since 2022, he has been a member of the Shok Zadruga art association. So far, he has participated in 10 group exhibitions, the most notable of which are EXP project SAN, Zrno festival group exhibition and photo futura in 2022. Also, his the works were selected for biennial photography in China.